Although the company is new - incorporated in March 2009 - Pentacon offers an immense amount of experience. Pentacon was formed by four partners who have worked in the oilfield industry for many years. Each of the four partners have many years experience in the drilling industry as well as many years in other oilfield sectors.

Based in Vermilion, Alberta, Pentacon offers a fleet of 25 units consisting of vacuum trucks, water trucks, hydro-vacs, steamers, box trucks and rubber tire hoes  The vacuum trucks are equipped with TPC flotation systems, agitators and wheeled well site accommodations. All trucks come with positive air shutdowns and are certified to transport dangerous goods.

Pentacon has been working diligently to develop a first class safety and environmental program with the goal of exceeding industry standards. Pentacon is a member of Isnetworld, Complworks and is also a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association and has achieved its COR certificate.. Pentacon carries full WCB coverage for owners and employees. All trucks and equipment are covered with 5 million in liability and auto insurance, and are prorated to work in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

With our solid work ethic and vast experience, having a Pentacon truck working for you offers peace of mind that the job will be done according to your specifications.

About The Owners

President - Ryan Gibson
Ryan Gibson has been working in the oilfield for 17 years. He started with Terralog Technologies on the service side and moved over to Akita Drilling and drilled on the historic Akita 1. Ryan bought his first vacuum truck in 2003 and worked as a truck push for other vacuum truck companies while trying to farm on the side. As President of Pentacon Energy, Ryan over sees the day to day operations and gets to make all the “ Tough decisions.”

Vice President - Chris Parchewsky
Like Ryan, Chris has been in the oilfield for 17 years. Upon graduation Chris worked as welders helper before going on to work derrick hand for Akita Drilling. After 4 years of packing gel, Chris started a Powertong company and spent the next 5 years running pipe. In 2005, Chris bought his first vacuum truck and now runs the day to day operations for Pentacon Energy Services.

CEO - Jordan Gibson
Jordan started in the patch by pipelining for North American Road Construction. Not to be out done by Chris and Ryan, Jordan went on to work for Akita drilling as well. After mastering the art of spinning chain, Jordan bought his first vacuum truck in 2004. Jordan farms with Ryan on the family farm while running the day to to day operations of Pentacon Energy Services.

Jacks Of All Trades - Steve Parchewsky
Steve also started his oil patch career on the now retired Akita 1. After being forced into the vacuum truck business in 2006, Steve bought into his first vacuum truck. Steve manages the hydro-vac division while still running truck when needed. Steve also does field inspections when he is not being the self-proclaimed  “Jack of all trades.”